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Information provided by: Riverside County Office on Aging

Provides evaluation crisis intervention and referrals to patients experiencing psychiatric emergencies. Client may be referred to Inpatient Treatment Facility (ITE). Hours of operation are 24 hours.
  • Hours24/7
  • Fees:Please contact provider for fee information.
  • Application Process:Call or visit website for additional information.
  • Eligibility Requirements:Please call service provider or visit website to learn more about eligibility requirements.
  • State Certification and/or License Number:California
  • Payment/Insurance Accepted:Please contact provider for accepted forms of payment.
  • ADA Access:Please contact facility for accessibility information.

FAX Numbers

  • (951) 358-4730


  • Please contact provider for languages spoken by staff.
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User Reviews

Marcia Elaine Perry Webster
12/27/2015 2:42:06 AM

There good on the treatment buy lossy on the food

6/19/2017 2:42:05 PM

Its not a hotel or a 5 star vacation destination. Sorry your free treatment/food didn't meet your discerning tastes and high expectations.
7/22/2014 10:28:52 AM

OK read some of the other comments. If you think you can do a better job at helping then you should get involved into that work area instead. Step in to be of help to others especially when you speak your mind so sure you know what you are chatting about.
7/12/2019 1:24:54 PM

People don't go to ETS because they want to or its a beautiful place to visit. They need emergency 24 hour custodial protection for themselves or others. They do their jobs. If you are seeking care you take them to follow up care with their doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists. Don't expect them to fix a mental health problem. They are there for EMERGENCY oversight and protection. If you care about yourself or your loved one get them the long term care they need. These people do a very difficult job and although no person, job or organization can be perfect they have provided a great service for many people and families in crisis.
Samantha Gray
9/14/2020 8:58:09 PM

I was there they did they job! Not a vacation so it isn’t suppose to be enjoyable ! Food wasn’t bad ! I was there a week! Doctors was good . Ur there for help not a five Star hotel !
Not Much
12/22/2015 8:42:37 PM

I am 13 and i have just recently been to this facility for severe suicidal thoughts. I have to say this place did no help for me. I was put in the minor room which is for 18 years and younger. All they had me do is sit in a chair that turns into a bed and watched movies. We couldn't leave the minor room. All they had was TV and bed chairs and they gvave us blankets and socks. The lights r left on and there's no clock so i had no idea what time of day it was. There was also an employee sitting in a chair bye the door to watch us. You talk to the doctor a few times for about 2 minutes and they give u medication if needed and then u just go home.
5/15/2019 11:31:34 PM

My 11 year old daughter just got sent to this place to get evaluated. 5150 I cannot see her until they call me. Just google the name up and the reviews are so bad that I'm scared that this experience might affect my child. This might impact her and not help in any way.
6/21/2014 3:07:23 PM

Rude staff , minors aren't allowed out of small crowded room , What the heck is wrong with them? Nasty food , Older people always trying to get into the minors room , older people always fighting at night not letting anyone sleep , beds are hard and uncomfortable . Horrible overall .
7/31/2014 11:45:39 AM

I am a mental health patient. I had a manic psychosis episode that sent me to this place because i live in hemet and their is no emergency services here. All i have to say is this is a terrible place to get help. Very dirty. People were sleeping on the floor some girl would spit on the floor and nobody would clean it. I was promised to see a medical doctor for my severe cuts and i never did see one. Nurses are very humiliating and no help at all. They totally ignore us. What else can i say. I'm doing a complain
7/2/2015 9:49:38 PM

Every time I went there the adults would come to the door one guy kept staring at me then I hate how the food is always cold and disgusting I wish they could do better plus shots on the butt really geez make us feel more insane some of the staff are OK but some are rude plus ITS DIRTY I don't like it then there are the beds I had to sleep on the floor with blankets that aren't even warm tch... if your trying to help us actually try and understand us we aren't insane we are confused and lost they need to stop treating us like we aren't human when we are we are not like them we struggle they don't so why would you have us stay in a place full of isolation geez...we don't try to hurt others yet they think we do we are all just.....lost
Steven T
9/20/2020 9:07:51 AM

I was placed here after an attempt. Mental health care in this place is non existent. You are treated like a criminal with despicable conditions. After a five minute non private conversation with a counselor the decision Re your outcome is made. You’re basically jailed for 3 days. No meds, no treatment, no basic courtesies or real human interaction. You are a criminal in their eyes and treated as such.
1/28/2021 8:57:21 AM

I was a patient and it was one of the worst experiences of my life
Voluntary Self-Admit
7/5/2021 9:56:36 AM

I went here despite the reviews after an episode with SI and regretted it deeply. After not even 24 hours in the place, my mental health was worse. It's like being in prison, and you're dehumanized and forced to sleep on the floor. Queer people there are deadnamed. They don't offer any help while you're there other than meds, no therapy and no human interaction. It's just a holding cell where you're treated like a criminal until they decide you won't kill yourself. It drained the life out of me and I'm sure if I had spent more than a day there my depression would have gotten much, much worse.
3/6/2018 6:19:27 PM

I just starting to be worry I just took my son there and all this reviews saying all that bad stuff makes me worry. ... no wonder my son is calling me to begging me to take him out of that place ??
John smith
4/17/2018 12:55:02 PM

Bad experience horrible experience place needs evaluation
4/19/2018 3:59:44 AM

My daughter was brought here on the tenth of April released the next day she was not in her right mind hours before her release she was asked where she would like to go the staff gave her bus tickets and explained where bus stop was my daughter still has not returned home it is the 19th of april.she was released on April 11th.I filed a missing persons report with city of Riverside.

8/12/2018 1:07:20 AM

my girl friend keeps calling and telling me horrible the staff is being to her i wish i read these comment before i took her !!!! they are making it worst they dont listen or try and be there for you !!!! right when we walked in they had additude from the start . its not okay ! it needs to be shut down !!!!!!!!!
Hurthing child
9/13/2018 11:30:20 AM

my mother was released from here and killed 2 dAys later this place need and will be shut down

12/16/2018 3:18:02 PM

This place is of zero help to patients that have mental illness. My cousin was supposed to be 51/50 and was released not even 24 hours after. They provide zero services or help. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me she could not g8ve me a lesson over the phone that I should look it up online when I asked how their 51/50 program work. She said she had other things to do and she was hanging up. I will hold them reliable and accountable if anything happens to my cousin, which they neglected. Very poor service and staff
2/17/2019 1:40:37 PM

Horrible non caring staff. Our son was taken on a 5150 they released him the next day with no medication and only seeing one doctor for 5 mins. Social worker said the doctor had a full case load and couldn't see him?!? This place offers no help and no real plan to actually help anyone with their mental health issues. Was hung up on twice when trying to call to speak to a doctor.
3/13/19 - Rude Staff
3/13/2019 3:38:10 PM

The staff here are very rude. They took my daughter her on a 5150 and I agree with some of the comments. I wish I would have know how horrible this place was before I let them take her there. I should have found someone where local and through a private agency. I was hung up on several times and told one time my daughter was not there when she was. It was very scary to think my daughter might have been released and I was not notified.

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